Wednesday, 1 August 2007

review: the simpsons movie (david silverman, 2007)

The bad: it's basically just an hour-and-a-half long Simpsons episode.

The good: it's an hour-and-a-half long episode of the greatest TV show on Earth.

Like just about everyone else my age, I've grown up watching and loving The Simpsons, to the extent that it's difficult to imagine life without the dysfunctional yellow family.

This movie assumes that is the case for its audience, and I doubt it would make any kind of sense to a newcomer (if such people exist). For everyone else, it's everything you could hope for from a feature-length Simpsons episode. It may be more comfortably familiar than daringly groundbreaking, but there is precious little comedy this relentlessly inventive, intelligent, well-written and just plain funny.

And Spider-pig should be Emperor, or something.


Lara said...

spider pig, spider pig....

magnum said...

...does whatever a spiderpig can!

It's not the first time Homer adopted an animal, but sometimes one has to enjoy the simple pleasure of watching a man and his pet pig.